Hi, I’m Chaitanya, Web Developer and UI Designer

I'm a fullstack web developer from New Delhi and a CS alumni of the University of Delhi. I have worked with React (NextJS) / Vue (NuxtJS) for front-end dev, Node.js for back-end, Webflow for no-code dev and Figma for web design.
I write sometimes.

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A responsive clone of the Youtube homepage made with Nuxt. Uses TailwindCSS for styling. Inspiration taken my personal youtube feed :)

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A clone of Amazon made with React and Firebase under the hood. Uses stripe as the payment backend. Features the login, cart and checkout functionalities.

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A simple anonymous chatroom which remembers nothing. Live in the moment ;)

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Github Timeline


Shows a timeline of a users recent activities on Github. Uses GraphQL to fetch only the data that is required, no more no less.

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Password Generator


A password generator for the times when you need a secure password quick and aren't in the mood of using a variation of firstname1234.

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Aria Oslo


A concept portfolio site for a ficitonal client. A 3 page static site made entirely with HTML and CSS.

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Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Chaitanya. I'm a web developer from New Delhi and a CS alumni of the University of Delhi. I have a wide variety of interests, ranging from Web Dev, Design, CyberSecurity and AI/ML to History, Geopolitics, Psychology, Linguistics and Art.

I love to learn new things. Curiosity is the prime motivator for me. If I find something that catches my eye, well, I'll be in my room tinkering with it for the next few weeks.

I love playing Chess and reading any books that I can lay my hands on. I'm especially interested in Sci-Fi and non-fiction that can provide me a new perspective to look at the world through. I'm currently learning UI Design and Figma in my spare time.

I also love listening to FKJ . He's my second favorite recording artist after lofi chillhop beats to study/relax to ;)

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